4 Frustrating Lawn Problems Solved by Artificial Grass in Monterey

grass holes

Natural lawns are difficult to maintain. Their upkeep demands are not only costly and time-consuming but also subject to frequent changes due to unpredictable factors like the weather. On top of these, they are often plagued by grass issues that take a ton of time, money and effort to fix. Solve such problems for good with artificial grass in Monterey!

Solve Grass Issues with Synthetic Turf

Most of the problems that lawns face are rooted in the vulnerabilities of natural grass. The slightest deviation of the grass’s surroundings from its ideal growing conditions can drastically affect its overall state. For instance, if your lawn experienced consecutive evening showers in the summer, it may develop a fungal disease due to the high humidity of its environment.

While you can never control the environment in which you’re growing your lawn, you can diminish your turf’s susceptibility to issues. Switch to synthetic grass today to solve these problems for good:

  1. Grass Burns

These are most common in lawns that double as a pet play space. Dog urine is so acidic that it can burn grass and render the affected soil inhospitable to the turf. Artificial turf for dogs in Monterey is impervious to grass burns, odor-free and easy to maintain. Simply rinse off the affected area to get rid of the pet waste, and you’ll have a pristine lawn again in no time.

  1. Uneven Growth

Steep inclines and inadequate sunlight are the usual culprits for inconsistent grass growth. Fixing both for your turf may require major modifications to your landscape, such as leveling your terrain, relocating your trees and renovating your home. Don’t want to alter your property to get that picture-perfect lawn? Switch to synthetic turf for a surface that stays pristine no matter how steep or shady the area is.

  1. Brown Spots

Browns spots are typically caused by an imbalance in the soil’s pH content. It can be too acidic due to your dog doing their business on the grass or an improperly applied herbicide. It’s also possible that something in the soil is keeping the turf from absorbing nutrients. Artificial grass in Monterey can’t get brown spots since it doesn’t depend on the soil to grow.

  1. Weeds

Given that chance, weeds will take over your yard and steal all the nutrients meant for your turf. Managing weeds is a tedious and costly undertaking, involving manual removal, weedicide applications and regular checks for recurrence. Synthetic turf removes the need for these upkeep tasks. It utilizes a weed barrier to keep these unwanted greeneries from growing all over the place.

Level Up Your Yard Experience with Artificial Grass

Enjoy a beautiful, hassle-free and long-lasting lawn that’s a breeze to maintain. Replace your natural grass with top-quality artificial grass!

For premium synthetic turf products with up to 15 years of warranty, look no further than Monterey Artificial Grass. We specialize in synthetic turf installation for various applications, such as a Pebble Beach putting green, pet run, playground and more. Call us now at 408-723-4954 to get a FREE quote!

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