4 Ingenious Ways to Create the Best Pebble Beach Golf Putting Green in Your Home

As the top golf resort in America, Pebble Beach courses blend scenery with golf playing. Duplicate this golf course setup at your home by creating your very own Pebble Beach golf putting green using the highest quality synthetic turf.

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4 Tips in Creating Custom Putting Green at Home

You don’t need to have a beachside property to get that Pebble Beach golf course feel at your home. With a Pebble Beach putting green, you get an artificial setup that mimics the look and feel of real grass. Not only that —you also get a lush, green surface, without all the hassle and stress of regular upkeep. Synthetic turf is also designed to provide efficient ball control, giving you the chance to practice like the pros!

Here are the ways you can create your own Pebble Beach golf green:

  1. Set it up near the pool.

Install artificial grass near Monterey beside the pool area to get that same vibe and energy of playing beside a body of water. At the right distance from the pool, the putting green will be a stunner. You may not be at the beach, but the pool and golf green combination is sure to provide you with a dreamy recreational spot that the whole family can enjoy.

  1. Incorporate sand bunkers to your backyard putting green.

Bunkers are golf course hazards that replicate the playing conditions in a real golf course. If you’re in for a bigger challenge, make sure to ask your installer to set up sand bunkers on your backyard putting green. Doing so will not only provide you with a better golfing experience, but it will also enhance your game and test your swing.

  1. Build elevated greens on your yard.

Elevated greens are common on Pebble Beach golf courses. Get a genuine golf experience right at your home by including elevated surfaces on your Pebble Beach golf putting green design. Surprise your guests and family members with a unique playing surface and a fantastic view!

  1. Place trees and rocks near the turf.

Trees will give your golf space a natural feel and will provide a bit of shade while you putt. To mimic the rock outcroppings the area is known for, place a few small stones somewhere in between the pool and the putting green.

Build Your Pebble Beach Putting Green NOW!

With a unique fixture at home, you can play golf at the highest level. Get a Pebble Beach putting green now and have the grand mixture of water and green surface at your home. If you have a pet, surround the yard with the first-class artificial turf for dogs in Monterey so your pooch can watch you while you play.

Call Monterey Artificial Grass today and let us help you create your very own golf paradise near Pebble Beach. Our team of designers can give you putting green installations you’ll always love to play on. With us, you will get:

  • Evergreen turf that is totally dirt-free
  • Expertly designed artificial grass surfaces
  • Understanding and caring service
  • Durable landscapes backed by a 15-year warranty

Contact us now at 408-723-4954 for a FREE quote on your putting green project!

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