4 Weather-Resistant Qualities of Pebble Beach Putting Greens

A private golf course is a dream come true for many homeowners, golf fans or not. Installing a Pebble Beach putting green means you’re investing in relaxing weekends playing with your friends and family. If you’re planning to go pro, it provides you with unlimited practice opportunities. Rain or shine, the weather-resistant qualities of artificial grass means you can play golf all the time, any time you want.

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4 Weather-Resistant Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Wondering how synthetic turf can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years? A significant reason is its ability to stand up to harsh weather and seasonal changes. Learn more about what makes turf so weather resistant:

It can withstand storms and heavy rain.

Rain can cause diseases for natural lawns and flood the entire yard. However, this is not a problem with artificial turf in Monterey, CA due to its permeable drainage backing that keeps the moisture away and draws it to the subsoil underneath. Aside from that, the synthetic materials will never rot or get damaged by even the heaviest rainfall, which means your putting green will quickly dry out and maintain its playability.

Synthetic turf is UV stable.

Living in an arid area means you have to constantly deal with brown spots and dead grass during summer. Fortunately, artificial grass is built to resist harsh UV rays and stays vibrant even under long exposure to the sun.

Experiencing a particularly hot summer? Rest assured that the yarns will not split or break. Extreme hot weather does not affect the tensile strength nor can it cause the color to fade. Your putting green remains lush all year long thanks to synthetic turf.

It can resist frost and freezing weather.

Another fantastic quality of artificial grass in Monterey is its frost-resistant feature. If you have a natural lawn, you know how tiring it is to prepare for the cold season. One wrong move and you’ll end up with a dead, brown patch by spring.

Synthetic turf is made to resist heavy snow and survive the cold months, not that this is an issue in Monterey. There’s no need to prepare your lawn because snow and water cannot penetrate through the polypropylene material. It is resilient and when it freezes, the grass blades won’t break or sustain damage. Once the snow melts, you can start playing golf again without having to deal with winter-related yard issues.

Artificial grass can withstand strong winds.

Strong winds and storms can do considerable damage to a natural lawn. But with synthetic turf, these harsh elements won’t cause problems anymore. Artificial grass systems have several layers that make the turf more resilient. Professional installers know how to fasten a Pebble Beach putting green so every edge stays in place. Expect your putting green to stay in perfect condition despite the windiest day.

Create a Weather-Resistant Backyard with Synthetic Turf

Whether you’re planning on installing a putting green, landscape, or a new dog run, you can trust that synthetic turf can resist most climate conditions no matter how harsh and strong the weather gets. Want to learn more about the amazing benefits of synthetic turf? Call Monterey Artificial Grass today at 408-723-4954 to schedule a consultation.

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