Eliminate Time-Consuming Lawn Care Chores with Artificial Turf in Monterey, CA

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Those with natural lawns are all-too-familiar with the time-consuming routine chores necessary to keep it vibrant and green. Tired of committing a significant portion of your schedule to lawn maintenance? Replace your natural grass with artificial turf in Monterey, CA, and say goodbye to these tedious turf care tasks.

5 Grass Care Tasks Eliminated by Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass is an excellent, low-maintenance alternative to the real thing. It doesn’t need the following upkeep tasks to look great and function well:

  1. Lawn Mowing

To keep your natural grass looking pristine, you need to cut it regularly to keep it from growing beyond your desired blade length. You can use a grass cutter or lawnmower for the job.

Regardless of your preferred equipment, however, expect the task to take more than an hour to accomplish. Not only does it involve cutting the grass, but it also entails sharpening the blade, refilling the fuel and checking the motor condition. You also need to collect and get rid of the grass trimmings.

With the installation of artificial grass, you never have to mow your lawn again. It maintains the same perfect blade length since it doesn’t grow. Since you don’t need to mow your lawn, lawn mower maintenance activities like sharpening the blade, refilling these fuel, checking the motor condition and more will no longer be a part of your lawn maintenance activity.

  1. Watering

Natural grass is thirsty, typically requiring watering multiple times a day to stay fresh and green. On hot summer months, the frequency of watering must increase to keep the grass from drying up.

Having a lawn covered with artificial grass in Monterey will make watering a thing of the past.  Synthetic turf does not require water to thrive. The only time it’ll need water for upkeep is when rinsing off waste from its surface.

  1. Fertilizer Application

Rich, fertile soil is crucial to maintaining healthy natural grass. Since soil nutrients tend to diminish over time, fertilizers must be applied to ensure that the ground retains the ideal level of fertility for grass growth. Synthetic turf doesn’t depend on soil quality to maintain its lush green shades so that you can cross this task off your list.

  1. Pesticide Application

Healthy grass attracts pests. To keep insects from nesting, breeding and living in natural lawns, pest control solutions must be applied. Artificial turf in Monterey, CA is not hospitable to insects and other pests. It also doesn’t contain the nutrients that pests are attracted to in natural grass. Thus, installing synthetic turf can effectively solve pest problems in your lawn for good.

  1. Weed Removal

Live lawns are prone to weed infestation. Weeds can turn lawns unsightly and take over a yard in a matter of weeks. You can remove them manually, but it will take a lot of your time, especially If you have a big lawn. You can kill them with a weed killer, which will also consume a lot of your time and resources as you need to buy supplies like chemicals and gloves.

With artificial grass, these time-consuming activities are no longer needed. Artificial grass installers eliminate existing weeds before installation. They will also apply a weed barrier before installing the final layer of turf so that weeds won’t have the opportunity to grow under synthetic grass.

Spend Less Time on Lawn Care with Artificial Grass

Keeping your natural grass lawn looking fresh, green and inviting takes a lot of time, money, resources and effort. Artificial grass turf doesn’t. It does not require watering, mowing, fertilizer, pesticide, weedicide, and herbicide to thrive.

With these activities eliminated, you can now use your spare time to practice your strokes in a Pebble Beach putting green or relax and enjoy your clean and green artificial grass lawn. Monterey Artificial Grass can help you achieve a hassle-free, gorgeous lawn, so call us today at 408-723-4954 to get started!

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