Swing Like a Pro on High-Quality Artificial Grass Pebble Beach Putting Green

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Pebble Beach, CA is world-famous for its golf courses set against a beach landscape. Now even you can have this atmosphere right in your home! Practice your stroke and swing with your very own Pebble Beach putting green.  Improve your short game right at your backyard with high-quality artificial grass putting green course.

Artificial Turf: Every Golf Professional and Aficionado’s First Choice for Putting Greens

Synthetic grass will not only transform your backyard into pure luxury; it will also provide you with a haven where you can practice your short game anytime you like. Here are more reasons you should strongly consider artificial turf as your putting green material of choice:

  1. More time for golf than upkeep.

Face it; you’d rather spend more time golfing than maintaining your turf. Artificial grass gives you this luxury and more. Synthetic grass putting green course allows you more time to practice your game rather than spend it trimming, watering or mulching your green. While you can have a genuine, all-natural golf putting green that resembles famous golf courses, you can ruin your momentum with the maintenance required. Go with synthetic turf and improve your game in the shortest time possible.

  1. Consistent texture for playing.

To maintain acceleration and gain distance control, your golfing green should fit your play preferences: the smaller the grain size, the better as it will less likely interfere with speed or control. Without the need to grow or mow, artificial grass is the ideal surface to practice your short game on.  Synthetic green stays the same length —trimmed off along the top, just how avid golfers like it. You can up your game to tournament level status, thanks to the best artificial grass in Monterey!

  1. Durable and sustainable materials.

A disadvantage of natural grass is that it is easily damaged and broken either by trampling or exposure to golf club swings. Synthetic turf is generally made of polypropylene plastic, so it can withstand heavy foot traffic and impact from golf clubs.  What’s more, artificial putting green turf is backed by up to 15 years warranty. This means endless golf game for you and your friends!

  1. Flexible designs and applications.

Want an out-of-the-ordinary putting green? Synthetic grass installers can create designs that look tournament ready. Want more than one hole in your course? Fancy a mini-sand trap? Expert grass designers can work these nuances into your design efficiently, thanks to the flexibility of synthetic grass!

With less upkeep required and more time to practice your swing, you have a better chance of developing your game on synthetic turf Pebble Beach putting green.

Get Artificial Grass for Your Putting Green NOW!

Monterey Artificial Grass can help you achieve the putting green design you’ve always wanted. Our highly-skilled designers have years of experience in installing both synthetic grass landscapes and pet-friendly artificial turf for dogs in Monterey. You can expect nothing less than quality service from us!

Trust us to give you lush putting greens that offer:

  • Bent and fringe grass which mimics actual pro-golf course grass
  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic turf
  • Zero trimming, watering and fertilizing needed
  • Foot-traffic resistant grass
  • Highly advance permeable drainage
  • 100% Made in the USA grass

Are you ready to have the putting green of your dreams in your backyard? Call us now at 408-723-4954 for a FREE quote!

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