Tips for an Awesome Pebble Beach Putting Green in Your Backyard

Do you want to level up your golf skills but worried about expensive club membership fees? Do you want to practice whenever you want without the hassle of having to travel to the nearest golfing range? Then it’s about time you invest in a pebble beach putting green in your own backyard!

Whether you’re an avid or casual golfer, having a putting green at the comfort of your home levels up your golfing experience.

pebble beach putting green

Designing Your Own Backyard Putting Green

Adding a putting green set up at home can be a costly endeavor. If you are planning to invest in building your very own backyard putting green, make sure you get the most out of your installation. Here are some things to remember to maximize your in-house golfing experience.

1. Size doesn’t matter

Do not feel constrained by the size of your yard. A wider space is often ideal for a putting green but this does not mean you can’t make one from a small area. Small spaces can still be used to create your perfect green with a touch of creativity.

It is best to use artificial grass to maximize smaller spaces. Artificial grass can be cut and shaped to fit your layout requirements.

2. Use your yard’s natural terrain on your backyard putting green

Incorporating the natural slopes of your yard into the putting green installation makes it interesting and more challenging. With the help of artificial grass in Monterey, you will get the shape of the grass that you need even on uneven surfaces. Flatten some areas but leave out a few natural sections. As a result, it spice up your green.

3. Install proper lighting

Life can sometimes get busy. Getting home late doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your backyard. Extend your play hours with proper lighting installations in your pebble beach putting green. Don’t let night time get in the way of your enjoyment. Play any time of the day with low-voltage landscape lighting.

Installing proper lighting is made easier by artificial grass. Cut and shape the material to fit your layout requirements and accommodate lighting fixtures with ease.

4. Challenge yourself putting green

Course challenges make your putting green more inviting. Add mounds, sandpits and multiple holes to keep things interesting, for instance. Let the course meander instead of using flat linear layouts. The variety in your layout gives more stimulation and makes repeat play more fun.

5. Personalize your setup

Decorate your setup with personalized flags and tee markers. Put your name on those flags and make the course your own. Have fun adding your personal touch to your very own backyard.

6. Make it durable and weatherproof

Repeated use can damage natural grass on putting greens. For best results, use artificial turf in Monterey, CA. Artificial turf is able to withstand heavy use and varied weather conditions. Get the durability you need with synthetic grass that stays green whether it’s hot, cold, dry or wet. Use artificial turf and enjoy your backyard putting green for a much longer period.

Get Started on Your Backyard Putting Green

Are you ready to have your own putting green in your backyard? Avoid costly mistakes from doing it yourself. Seek expert help to get the most out of your investment. Monterey Artificial Grass Pros has got you covered from designing to installing your dream putting green. Call us now at 408-723-4954 to get your project started!

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