Urban Dweller’s Guide to Artificial Turf in Monterey, CA

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Artificial turf in Monterey, CA is popularly known as a way to add grass to places where it couldn’t grow well. Most homeowners use it for their outdoor areas, such as yards, putting greens, pool areas, patios, balconies and rooftops.

Such locations are scarce in urban dwellings, but that doesn’t mean synthetic grass has no place in modern homes. Urban dwellers have a lot to gain from this versatile green if they know how to maximize the turf.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf for City Homes

Whether used indoors or outdoors, artificial grass always provides numerous advantages that its natural counterpart can’t match:

It stays lush and green, no matter where it’s placed.

Synthetic grass is not alive, so its general state is not dependent on its environment. It doesn’t need water, fertile soil, sunlight and turf care chemicals to remain lush and vibrant all throughout.

It creates a more relaxing space.

While studies show that color green helps people relax due to its association with nature, this is not the only way artificial grass in Monterey can make your space more comforting. Its soft, realistic texture also makes places more inviting.

It is easy to maintain.

It doesn’t take much to keep indoor synthetic grass installations in top condition. Take care of spills immediately, wash it with a sponge soaked in detergent foam occasionally, and brush it up to keep its fibers upright.

It does not get slippery.

Synthetic turf does not get slippery when wet. Feel free to use it to add slip-resistant surfaces to your kitchen and bathroom. Improve the safety of your home with artificial grass.

It is durable.

Artificial grass can accommodate heavy furniture and high foot traffic without taking damage. Use it to carpet high traffic areas like the living room and expect it to retain its beauty and functionality for years.

Ways to Add Artificial Turf to City Homes 

Make a statement by integrating synthetic grass into your interior design. Here are some smart synthetic turf ideas for urban dwellers:

Make accent walls. Spruce up drab walls by covering one of them with artificial grass. The vibrant hue will add a pop of nature to your space.

Create an indoor Pebble Beach putting green. It will enable you to improve your golf skills without setting a single step outside your home. Go for a simple strip if space is limited. Otherwise, go wild with your design.

Maximize synthetic turf scraps. Use them to upgrade dish dryers, serving trays, potty training mats and shoe storage areas. You can also create rugs, placemats and coasters from them.

Turf up your stairs. Soften every step and landing with synthetic turf. It will not only enhance the aesthetic of your stairs, but it’ll also make them more accommodating for bare feet.

Bring the Outdoors In with Synthetic Turf

Invest in top-quality artificial turf in Monterey, CA and get creative with how you integrate it into your space. Look to Monterey Artificial Grass for all your turf needs.

Monterey Artificial Grass provides everything from premium turf products and accessories to landscaping and installation services. Trust our team with your project and expect fast, efficient and error-free installation. Call us now at 408-723-4954 to set an appointment with our experts!

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