What Kind of Surfaces Can You Install Monterey Artificial Grass On?

Wondering where you can install Monterey artificial grass other than the backyard? The answer is, virtually anywhere you want! Synthetic turf is so versatile because you can apply it on almost any surface. This means you can use it indoors, outdoors or as a decorative element all over your home. Factor in these turf-friendly surfaces and unlock new design possibilities.

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The Most Common Surfaces Where You Can Install Synthetic Turf

Unlike live grass, artificial grass doesn’t need sunlight, water, the right soil conditions and lawn care chemicals to grow. Installers only need to fit the turf system securely in place, and it’s ready to go.

In particular, the following surfaces are ideal for artificial grass installation:

    • Soil


      Artificial grass in Monterey is most well-known for outdoor applications. Some of the most popular turf installations are pet runs, backyard putting greens, lawns and landscaping.


      Installers can fit turf on most soil types. To do this, they will level the ground to eliminate imperfections. Depending on the purpose of the installation, the system may include a drainage layer, weed barrier, shock-absorbent cushion and a deodorizing layer.


      Once the installation is done, synthetic-covered grounds look and feel like you’re walking on real grass!


    • Brick


      Got a brick walkway that’s looking worse for wear? Try turf. With some adhesive strips and a few other materials and tools, experienced installers can successfully cover brick hardscape with synthetic grass.


      Any unevenness in the surface can be solved by a thin layer of padding to protect the turf’s mesh fabric from excessive wear and tear.


      Artificial grass is a fantastic way to soften hardscapes made of brick, pavers, tile, stone and other types of hardscape. It also lends a smooth transition from one part of your landscape to the next.


    • Wood


      Another natural material perfect for artificial grass is wood. You can have fitted on your patio, wooden deck, landscape platform, picnic table benches and plant racks.


      Water won’t damage turf because it will drain straight through the drainage backing. However, it can warp and rot the wood. Installers will seal the wood first to create a waterproof barrier. Wood and artificial turf in Monterey, CA create such a beautiful, rustic combination.


    • Cement


      Freshen up concrete surfaces around your property with artificial grass! Like hardscapes, installers can fit turf on cement using adhesives.


      Consider using non-slip turf to improve cement swimming pool surrounds. Cover cement patios with soft, shock-absorbent artificial grass to make them safer and more comfortable to walk on. You can even spruce up cement walls with synthetic turf to create a statement wall.


Discover More Ways to Make the Most of Artificial Grass

Forget about the limits of real grass— explore creative design possibilities using synthetic turf! While we love working with classic ways to install artificial grass in Monterey, we also like pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with turf.

Learn other exciting ways to design synthetic grass with Monterey Artificial Grass. Call us today at 408-723-4954 to set up a consultation!

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